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Welcome to our Club

Thank you for visiting the website of the GTR & XU-1 Owners Club of NSW.

We are a dedicated group of enthusiasts with a focus on GTR and XU-1 Torana's built in Australia and sold between 1969 and 1973, encompassing the LC GTR & GTR XU-1, and the later LJ GTR and GTR XU-1.

Our club promotes a relaxed, inclusive, and welcoming environment for owners of these model vehicles, as well as those who may not own one, but are looking to own one at some stage.

With small light bodies, excellent handling, and powerful and torquey six cylinder engines, these cars had a very successful racing pedigree and proved on many occasions that they could hold their own against bigger, more powerful opponents. As a club we aim to preserve and enjoy these vehicles in the spirit which they were designed.

We always welcome enquiries from people who would like to investigate owning a GTR or GTR XU-1 Torana, or those who have one and would like to join with us and enjoy a common interest.

For more information please see the full contacts page, or simply send us an email

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